SMEs need cyber cover too

With more and more businesses of all types and sizes experiencing online attacks, can we safely assume that any business is too small for cyber cover?

  • 130,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK suffered some form of cyber-crime in 2018*
  • Almost two-thirds of UK businesses with between 10 and 49 members of staff were targeted*
  • These attacks cost the affected businesses an average £65,000.*

If you’re not recommending some form of cyber insurance to your business clients, you could be leaving them unprotected. Not only could that be construed as irresponsible, it’s also a wasted opportunity for you to sell additional cover.

An underdeveloped market

Why don’t more SMEs take out cyber insurance? Many still assume cyber cover is only applicable to larger businesses. They don’t appreciate the benefits – or they see it as a bit of a novelty – something they’ve managed quite happily without up to now. All of which means selling cyber cover to SMEs can feel a bit challenging. But it needn’t…

Understanding the benefits

Having having the right information and arguments at your fingertips makes cyber cover much easier to sell. Searchlight offers a dedicated one-day course that equips your staff to do exactly that.  Once your clients properly appreciate the need for cyber cover – and the surprisingly broad benefits it offers – it’s a cover they’ll want to have.

What you’ll learn from our workshop

Our Introduction to Cyber Risks Insurance course will:

  • Take you through the risks
  • Help you identify which types of customer could benefit from cyber insurance
  • Explore the cover provided by both conventional insurance policies and specialist cyber risk policies
  • Outline the key considerations in terms of risk, underwriting, rating and claims.

The course is designed to equip you with all the information you need to make a sound business case to your clients by articulating the risks  their business faces and advising what type and level of cover would best protect them.

Cyber-crime isn’t going to go away. The trend is for more, more widespread, and more sophisticated attacks. Insurance that helps protect your clients against these impacts adds real value to their businesses.

Where and when?

We run Introduction to Cyber Risks Insurance courses  in London, Ipswich and Birmingham. Prices per delegate start at just £160 + VAT. That’s a small investment for a big potential return for your clients and your business.

Call us on 01372 361177 and we’ll be happy to tell you more. Alternatively click here for further details on our Introduction to Cyber Risks Insurance courses – or to book delegate places online.

*Source: survey conducted by internet service provider Beaming and market research group Opinium.


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