Taking the measure of competence

Are your staff up to the tasks you expect them to perform? And, just as importantly, are they up to the tasks your customers expect them to perform?

If you’re not already 100% sure they are, here’s an insurance training workshop you might be interested in.

Searchlight Insurance training’s Measuring and Recording Competence workshop  is designed for managers, team leaders, coaches and learning specialists and provides the skills and knowledge they need to assess competency effectively.

It is particularly useful for those who are creating or reviewing their own competency framework, and is based on a case study, which is followed through the process of competency assessment and subsequent review meetings.

The topics covered in this interactive workshop include:

• Competence and competencies –defining terminology

• Using competencies for recruitment

• Assessing competence for an existing role

• Using competencies for development for a future role

• CII competency framework

• Using the framework to benchmark your firm’s approach

• Performance management

• The competency review

• Providing evidence of competence

• The personal development plan

• Strategies for ongoing review of development

• Effective record keeping

• Continuous professional development

• Completion of personal action plan for further development

For further details or to book places click here.

leah measuring.jpg

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