When it comes to keeping personal data on file, ignorance is most certainly not bliss for insurance providers

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of three major regulatory developments due to impact the insurance industry this year. Due to come into force on 25 May 2018, GDPR is, of course, not just something that affects insurance providers. By that May deadline, any UK business that holds personal data needs to be compliant with the provisions of GDPR, which in this country will be enacted in the form of a new Data Protection Act.

There are a number of issues companies need to be aware of. These include the requirements in GDPR around understanding what data they hold, their reasons for keeping it, how they are collecting it, and how that personal data is processed either in house or by third parties. Any firms that haven’t already gone through this thought process, need to do so as a matter of some urgency.

One of the key things around GDPR is the right to erasure, sometimes known as the right to be forgotten. This is the right an individual data subject has to ask for their personal data to be deleted from your organisation’s records. It important firms understand the circumstances in which this right applies and to be confident of the legal basis on which they are holding any data they keep on file.

It’s important to think not just about what data they are collecting and processing now – but about all the data they’ve collected and retained over the years. Not having a robust and fit-for-purpose data retention policy is a recipe for GDPR compliance issues going forward.

Too many firms are sitting on a vast amount of personal data they’ve collected from the customers and are still holding either on databases or in paper form, tucked away in a back office or a warehouse somewhere. Unless they have a legitimate and current reason, as defined by GDPR, for holding that data they need to delete or anonymise it or risk being found in contravention of the new data regulations.

This seems to be one of the aspects of GDPR that firms are struggling most to get their heads around. Insurance firms – brokers in particular – have historically had something of a reputation for simply filing rather than jettisoning older customer data. This approach needs to change.

There are, of course, perfectly legitimate reasons, in certain cases, for retaining personal data over longer periods (and indeed even a legal obligation to do so in some instances). But personal data kept on file without a clear and legitimate reason for doing so could soon lead to compliance issues for insurance providers.


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Commercial Property & Business Interruption online learning package

Searchlight’s recently introduced online Commercial Property and BI package consists of 15 online tutorials allowing users to have a complete grasp of the fundamentals of the main classes of Commercial Property and Business Interruption insurance.

Written by insurance people for insurance people, these tutorials are the ideal way for staff from brokers and insurers to gain an overall understanding of the workings of all types of property insurance, including Policy Cover, Underwriting, and Claims.

The programme comprises 15 tutorials, which can be studied in any order and at the user’s own pace:

  • Commercial Property Insurance – Policy Cover
  • Commercial Property Insurance – Variations to Basic Policy Cover
  • Commercial Property Insurance – Underwriting
  • Risk Surveying
  • Theft and Money Insurance
  • Goods-in-Transit Insurance
  • Terrorism
  • Business Interruption Insurance – Introduction
  • BI – Policy Cover
  • BI – Underwriting Insurable Gross Profit and ICOW Cover
  • BI – Pricing Cover and Underwriting Policy Extensions
  • Commercial Property Insurance Claims – Validation and Investigation
  • Commercial Property Insurance Claims – Approach to Claims Settlement
  • Commercial Packages
  • Commercial Property Insurance – Results, Trends and Drivers

For a FREE TRIAL call us on 01372 361177 or email training@ssluk.net 


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How to do networking

Earlier this month, we contributed the following to Insurance Times.

Top 8 UK general insurance networking tips

Ian Jerrum, MD of Searchlight Insurance Training, lays out an eight-point plan of networking tips for UK general insurance

Click here to view.

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Insurance compliance best sellers

Listed below are the hottest selling half-day workshops offered by Searchlight on major changes affecting our industry over the coming months:

Extending the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) to General Insurance
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Implementing the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD)

Click on the links above for details of our popular half day open market courses (which are just £195 + VAT per delegate), or contact us for information on how we can support you through these changes (telephone 01372 361177 or email training@ssluk.net ).


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Six days, over six weeks: the making of an insurance manager

If you are looking to move one of your employees’ careers up to the next level, six days can make a huge difference.

Our intensive 6-Day ILM-Endorsed Programme in Management and Leadership is a tried and tested way of instilling the skills your people need to perform at a higher level.

The ILM Endorsed Programme in Management and Leadership is aimed at those new to management or experienced managers looking to develop and build on specific skills.

Delivered, one day a month, over a six-month period, the programme enables delegates to understand clearly the role of a manager, and to acquire the skills, techniques and abilities they’ll need to build successful teams that communicate well, achieve targets, and work collaboratively.

This is a fully participative programme which encourages group discussions, sharing of experience and linking management theory to realistic work based situations through the use of practical exercises and activities.The ILM Endorsed Award in Management and Leadership is aimed at individuals who are new to management or who aspire become a manager.screen-shot-2018-02-14-at-16-17-08.png

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Who are we, and what do we do?

Want to know more about Searchlight Insurance Training?

Our short and snappy corporate video offers an overview.

Click to view…

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Three days is all it takes to get your new staff up to speed with insurance basics

In today’s competitive insurance marketplace it’s more important than ever that your new recruits hit the ground running.

Giving them a well-rounded introduction to a sector plagued by more than its fair share of jargon and confusing terminology is the best start you can give them in their new roles. That’s where our three-day Introduction to Insurance Basics programme comes in.

Not only does it guide them through the principles of risk and insurance and the structure of the market and various roles within it – along with much else besides – but it qualifies them for a CII-endorsed certificate at the end of the process.

And in case some inspiration is also required, the course includes a guided tour round that architectural icon, Richard Rodgers’ Lloyd’s building.

To check dates and availability to or to sign up new staff right now, click here.

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